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Unit 6: Drug Identification

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Mastery Objectives / Critical Skills


  1. Distinguish between illegal and illicit uses of drugs

  2. Compare and contrast the ideas of physical and psychological drug dependence.

  3. Summarize the contents of the Controlled Substance Act and associated penalties.
  4. Identify routes of entry for drugs to get into the body.
  5. List and give at least one example of each of the five categories of drugs encountered in forensic investigations.
  6. Nerve Biology: Identify and explain the mechanisms of signal transmission through and between nerves
  7. Identify and describe various presumptive and confirmatory tests to identify specific drugs
  8. Explain the process of chromatography as a way to separate substances in a complex drug-laced mixture.
  9. Understand how the identity of an unknown substance can be determined, based on a comparison with known substances using spectrophotometry and mass spectroscopy data.
  10. Identify which human biological samples can be used for drug testing.
  11. List the critical steps in the collection and preservation of drug evidence.








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