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Unit 4: Fingerprints

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Mastery Objectives / Critical Skills 

  1. Describe when, where and how fingerprints form (fingerprint anatomy)
  2. Identify the three major human fingerprint patterns: whorl, loop and arch.
  3. Identify friction ridge characteristics and minutiae
  4. Use the Primary Classification system to determine a Primary Classification number
  5. Obtain an inked readable fingerprint for each finger.
  6. Distinguish between visible, plastic and latent fingerprints.
  7. Describe procedures for developing latent fingerprints using generally accepted physical and chemical methods.
  8. List the steps used to preserve a developed fingerprint.
  9. Explain the use of AFIS and IAFIS and their drawbacks.
  10. Determine the owner of a fingerprint using at least 10 points of identification.  








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